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*Update: the free sunburn framework is updated to xna 4 so now you can use my samples with it instead of buying the engine.*


This project is devoted to providing samples for sunburn development kit available here: to sunburn developers and if you find a trial of the sunburn engine feel free to use it with my samples here.

These are my own custom samples some of which i have already posted on sunburns website because they are complete.

I will go from some simple source to more advanced source code but their is certain source samples I might post on sunburns website for better utilization of their resources.
You need sunburn to use the sample code because a sbpack file can only be opened with sunburn installed.


I thought about updating these samples for windows phone 8 and windows 8.1 but will wait until the Xbox One starts making more indie games.  I will leave this page here and have it be one of the few I set aside to donate for habitat for humanity and charities so tell your friends to come visit this page as I will set it aside now for habitat for humanity.

Notes on samples with sunburn:

1. the samples will work on windows phone 7, xbox 360, and windows pc.

2. need xna 4 refresh, phone development kit, and visual studio 2010 (can use visual basic express or c# express editions but its harder to program and on windows phone 7 is only available in visual studio 2010)

3. Can create models from real life objects with's 3d construction software which allows you to use a windows kinect to reconstruct the object in 3d and 3d animations (edit). This helps game artists life significantly.

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